DPE 8- Q and A Questions

What grade do you believe you have earned? Why do you believe that?

I believe that I’ve earned a low A to high B. I’ve been really focused and on task, working hard on the different assignments we’ve had, but I keep forgetting to upload some of my completed photos and blogs…which is the actual grade. I am going to try to be better about that, it’s just a lot of bits and pieces to put together in my mind.

Post the image that you are most proud of and then answer these questions:ib-tshirt-design

Why are you proud of this image and more specifically, what did you learn while creating this image?

I’ve already posted this image, but I love it because it shows so much of my growth. This was the piece where I felt like I really mastered the pen tool, and I experimented with a lot of other different tools that I hadn’t worked with before. I learnt how to align things in a way I liked and really make a piece look cohesive. Even though it wasn’t a winner with the IB coordinator, I still really enjoy it.

What has been your biggest challenge in creating imagery this semester?

I think my biggest challenge has been creating images that I was confident about. I really kept self doubting myself while I was making my images and not focusing on the process. When we had a group forum with all the other ideas for the IB t-shirt I kept comparing my designs to the other one’s, which was not good. This was silly of me, especially since the IB coordinator ended up really liking some of the designs I made.

What project(s) have you enjoyed the most? Why?

I’ve enjoyed the Saxon project the most I think because it was the biggest challenge yet. Also, it was fun to do something in color after we’ve been doing so much in black and white. I really needed to splash some  colored pixels on the virtual canvas.

What project(s) have you enjoyed the least? Why?

 I’ve actually been really frustrated with our latest composite image project. I’ve forgotten a bunch of things from Photoshop and it took me awhile to find all the missing files in my brain about how to cut out part of an image and so forth. I was also feeling annoyed at the photoshopiness (that’s an adjective thankyouverymuch) of my image. You know when you can tell that something is very obviously fake and has been photoshopped in? That is  kind of what it looks like:

Predator Transformation and What I’ve been Learning so Far


My favorite piece so far this year is definitely this cute little baby hyena here- with the eyes of chipmunk. I put the eyes to the side of the head in order to make it more like prey instead of a predator.

Although I’ve created a plethora of Photoshop pieces this year, this is my best one because it’s a lot simpler than some of my others, and it’s really cute.

I’ve learned so much in the Digital Arts class, but by far the most useful thing I’ve learned is how to use the Spot Healing Brush. In this picture I used the spot healing brush to remove the hyena’s old eyes and replace them with the eyes of a chipmunk. I’m excited to use the brush to do photo retouches and make my pictures look better!

I’ve put a lot of effort in to this class I think, and I’m excited about the work I am doing. Although I came from a family of artists, I have never really considered myself to be a visual artist, I don’t have a very strong eye for color or composition. As much as I like art, I never really considered myself good at it. This class has made me love art even more and realize I don’t need to be a spectacular painter like my mom or sisters to have fun with composition and elements of art. I try my hardest in this class, because I love it, and I am eager to learn more.

The short term goal I’d like to set for this class is to work on being simple in my art, and not overthinking it. My digital art can often get cluttered, because I am thinking of to many things, and I need to learn how to control myself so that my pictures are pleasing to the eye.