DPE Week 5

This week we continued our quest of designing a t-shirt symbol for the IB students at South! You can read my first post about this adventure here. We crowd sourced our  designs on a padlet, giving each other feedback, and comments on how we could make our designs better. It was really cool to see everybody’s different ideas and perspective on each other’s t-shirt designs. There was really a whole range of thoughts of how the design should be presented, how many words you should use, and what you should draw. Since we had to work on having 3 designs by Thursday, I whipped up two more projects to put on the padlet. The first one didn’t meet the IB brand guidelines (a very confusing number of pages on things I only partially understand).However,  My 2nd design for this week did meet the requirements. It didn’t really have a lot of design aspects and was mostly just words, inspired by this water bottle which was sitting next to me while I was drawing.

IB_Nutrition_Facts_design.jpg (188×307)

This week was relatively quiet and easy. I didn’t have a lot of challenges besides trying to think of a symbol that hadn’t done before AND met the guidelines. I worked on my pen skills by tracing a stack of books, which I didn’t have time to finish and upload, unfortunately. I worked on aligning the text correctly on my nutrition facts design, and thinking up clever ** for the bottom of it.

This first six weeks of Digital Art 2 have been fun and new. I got to use a drawing tablet that connects with the computer (click here to see their website), work on my first design project, among other things. I’m really enjoying this class and it makes me excited to dive into art, something that I normally don’t do when I become consumed by labels of a nerdy science math kid or hopeless lover of poetry and long medieval stories of damsels in distress. I am really glad that this class is so fluid, by which I mean that adjusts to everyone’s different learning style. As a kinesthetic learner, it is VERY hard for me to learn just by listening to lecture. I need to be right there drawing alongside a video, or right there writing a poem along with the teacher talking about rhyming schemes. Learning needs to be hands on (or mouse on this case I guess).

One thing I do wish we did more of is colored designs. Frankly, black and white has it’s limits for me. It’s been interesting seeing what I can convey without color, but I think one of the beauties of digital art is the unlimited amount of COLOR you have at your fingertips. The perfect shade of any color can be reproduced without going to the Art Department and scoping through hundreds of copic markers. I want to learn how to use tools like the magic wand on Adobe and color matchers. There are so many wonderful tools from Adobe for color and I just want to explore them more.