Week 16 in Review

This week was pretty interesting because we really started working more with vector images, using Adobe Capture and Illustrator. I learned that drawing full shapes and NOT just lines is pretty important when working with vector images. In the above cartoon I failed to acknowledge that and it took longer than it should have to color all of the girls – even though they were just copies of each other! I ended up having to paint parts of the drawing instead of using a paint bucket because I had to many of my shapes were not closed.  I did have a lot of fun arranging the different colors for each girls outfit and I think it would be interesting to experiment more with how various colors of outfits affect your view of the cartoon.

In terms of focus this week I was pretty on task. It was a bit hard to get back in the groove of school after such a nice, long winter break so by the time Digital Arts rolled around on Tuesday I was ready to do some creating. I think I could have spent some more time on parts of the work I did this week, but I was really getting frustrated with how my vector images were turning out when I scanned them with Adobe Capture. Often, my scanned drawings will have holes in them where my original hand drawing did not. I actually like the effect it had on my symbol drawing below, but it makes it really hard to fill in using live paint. I actually had to outline some parts myself.

A few times, I had to refer back to the tutorials here for reference on live painting, but this week I was mostly on my own using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Capture.




Eventually, I simplified the drawing by redrawing it with less roots and petals and added more color to create my final piece. I like the thoughtfulness and quite look of the first drawing, but I also enjoy the eye catching colors of the second drawing.


It symbolizes the hope I have of growing outside of my safe “circle” in this coming year, whether that be with my art, writing, friends or classes I take. I can see glimpses of this hope as I explore new clubs, work on the book that I will eventually publish, and experiment with my mom’s oil paints (when she’s feeling nice). This idea of growing outside of my boundaries is actually also my short-term goal. I think this is something I need to work on because I have noticed that I often go back to the same sorts of ideas in my art and writing. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing but I also think it’s important to explore.

As you can see from my vector images, I’m still working on my long-term goal from last post that stated something along the lines of creating a  simple vector picture that can accurately represent a topic. I am getting there, but I still need to work on simplifying my picture. Prehaps I can learn to say more with a little less, because I think that could be really powerful.  I will continue to grow towards achieving this goal in the coming weeks.



Week 14- December 5-9

Note: The original images of the above project were from pexels.com!

This last week was an interesting one in Digital Arts. We started working in Adobe illustrator which is a program like Photoshop except that it uses vector images. I had fun experimenting with what I could do on the program, but forgot to save the piece I was working on during Tuesday’s class! 90 minutes of hard work on a little city was gone and I was utterly disappointed when I discovered this on Thursday. However, I worked on it again during Thursday’s class time and was able to  catch up to where it was before-although I didn’t fully finish it in time. I was happy with the colors I chose in my project and learned some new shortcuts for Illustrator along the way, so all in all it was a good week for experimentation. Next time I need to remember to SAVE my projects!

We did mostly self  guided learning this week, including learning how to insert color, shape and line with the help of this tutorial in Adobe Illustrator. I started a Saxon logo with another tutorial, but found that it was extremely hard and meticulous to get the right texture and line into each part of the Saxon! Moreover, once I had created a fairly good cape or other weird shape it wouldn’t let me fill it with the correct paint color very easily. I wound up using the paint brush to carefully go over each part of the Saxon with the correct color. However, it looked a bit sloppy when I was done. You can see the failed product here. I guess I need to learn how to do some sort of custom fill in Illustrator so that I can define the area I want to be colored by drawing around it. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will understand how to do this better.

As goal setting is an important part of any learning experience I need to set some short-term and long-term goals for this class.

Short Term: I want to be able to accurately navigate around Adobe Illustrator and understand how to insert a plethora of different shapes, lines, colors and filters, among other things into a project I am working on.

Long Term: I want to be able to proficiently create a picture that can represent something I am working on, whether it be a badge or a logo or even a T-Shirt on Adobe Illustrator.


Photos from the Sport’s Field

Here are some pictures I took while walking around South Salem High School’s different sports fields. You’ll notice how there is a lot of greenery, and lot of chain link fences, or man-made items. Looking back on these photos, I see the common theme of uneasy harmony between nature and man. Perhaps when I am more experienced I will actually title my photos and give the album a name, but for now I am just having fun experimenting.

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Predator Transformation and What I’ve been Learning so Far


My favorite piece so far this year is definitely this cute little baby hyena here- with the eyes of chipmunk. I put the eyes to the side of the head in order to make it more like prey instead of a predator.

Although I’ve created a plethora of Photoshop pieces this year, this is my best one because it’s a lot simpler than some of my others, and it’s really cute.

I’ve learned so much in the Digital Arts class, but by far the most useful thing I’ve learned is how to use the Spot Healing Brush. In this picture I used the spot healing brush to remove the hyena’s old eyes and replace them with the eyes of a chipmunk. I’m excited to use the brush to do photo retouches and make my pictures look better!

I’ve put a lot of effort in to this class I think, and I’m excited about the work I am doing. Although I came from a family of artists, I have never really considered myself to be a visual artist, I don’t have a very strong eye for color or composition. As much as I like art, I never really considered myself good at it. This class has made me love art even more and realize I don’t need to be a spectacular painter like my mom or sisters to have fun with composition and elements of art. I try my hardest in this class, because I love it, and I am eager to learn more.

The short term goal I’d like to set for this class is to work on being simple in my art, and not overthinking it. My digital art can often get cluttered, because I am thinking of to many things, and I need to learn how to control myself so that my pictures are pleasing to the eye.