Week 14- December 5-9

Note: The original images of the above project were from pexels.com!

This last week was an interesting one in Digital Arts. We started working in Adobe illustrator which is a program like Photoshop except that it uses vector images. I had fun experimenting with what I could do on the program, but forgot to save the piece I was working on during Tuesday’s class! 90 minutes of hard work on a little city was gone and I was utterly disappointed when I discovered this on Thursday. However, I worked on it again during Thursday’s class time and was able to  catch up to where it was before-although I didn’t fully finish it in time. I was happy with the colors I chose in my project and learned some new shortcuts for Illustrator along the way, so all in all it was a good week for experimentation. Next time I need to remember to SAVE my projects!

We did mostly self  guided learning this week, including learning how to insert color, shape and line with the help of this tutorial in Adobe Illustrator. I started a Saxon logo with another tutorial, but found that it was extremely hard and meticulous to get the right texture and line into each part of the Saxon! Moreover, once I had created a fairly good cape or other weird shape it wouldn’t let me fill it with the correct paint color very easily. I wound up using the paint brush to carefully go over each part of the Saxon with the correct color. However, it looked a bit sloppy when I was done. You can see the failed product here. I guess I need to learn how to do some sort of custom fill in Illustrator so that I can define the area I want to be colored by drawing around it. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will understand how to do this better.

As goal setting is an important part of any learning experience I need to set some short-term and long-term goals for this class.

Short Term: I want to be able to accurately navigate around Adobe Illustrator and understand how to insert a plethora of different shapes, lines, colors and filters, among other things into a project I am working on.

Long Term: I want to be able to proficiently create a picture that can represent something I am working on, whether it be a badge or a logo or even a T-Shirt on Adobe Illustrator.



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